Welcome to our site and thank you for considering us for your wedding day!

We are a husband & wife team based in Montgomery, Alabama. We have been married 6 years, but have been together 12 years! We have a sweet, bright-eyed little boy and we completely adore him. We are disciples of Christ (hence the reason you will find scripture on our page) and we hope to reflect that, not only at your wedding, but in our everyday lives.

We love shooting as a team and work well together because we have mastered our workflow and shooting style. Some people say they couldn’t work with their spouse (we hear this a lot), but we are so grateful we are able to spend time together while capturing one of your greatest days! 

Every wedding we shoot is unique and perfect in its own way. We love the posed, candid, and sometimes crazy that comes along with it. We are easy-going, laid back, and like to have fun. We also genuinely love people and making new friends. We truly want your day to be the best it can be as you celebrate it surrounded by all the special people in your life! We’re there to help any way we can and deliver beautiful photos so you can relive it over & over again.

Couples and families that radiate love are a joy to work with because seeing you for who you are and capturing your affection for others is what it's all about - plus, don't you know that kind of love is contagious? :) Who doesn't want to be around that?!